Antoine R. Trammell, MD, MPH

Antoine R. Trammell is an educator, physician, researcher, and advocate. He knows that sustaining the success of a community begins with its children. Education is a key component of that success. Differences in education become public health issues that threaten the sustained success of a community. As doctor, Antoine sees problems rooted in differences in education and limited resources every day. He thus shaped his career to focus on these problems by working in academic and research settings. As a medical educator at a leading university he helps physicians of tomorrow learn to navigate barriers to wellness. Addressing these problems also requires refining education policy to protect the best interests of our children.

People impact their environment and are also impacted by their environment. Thus, maintaining the best environment for our city, means providing our children with the best education. Effective policy supports an environment of quality education. Creating effective policy demands applying data to real-world problems. Antoine has skill and experience in applying data to create meaningful solutions for barriers to wellness that include differences in education.  We must educate for the success of our children and our city.           




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